NYSA And CONASA Reelect James Dickman President

James J. Dickman has been reelected president of the New York Shipping Association and the Council of North Atlantic Shipping Associations (CONASA), it was made known by the two organizations. His reelection as head of the New York waterfront management organization, which handles longshore labor negotiations in the New York-New Jersey port area, is the second successive year he has been named head of the group. The term of office is five years.

Mr. Dickman's reelection as president of CONASA was announced in Miami, Fla., where the organization was conducting contract negotiations with the International Longshoremen's Association. It will be the seventh consecutive year he has been elected to the top CONASA post. Other officers named by CONASA include Rex Wheeler, Steamship Trade Association of Baltimore, executive vice president; Arthur Lane, Boston Shipping Association, vice president; George C. Garris, Hampton Roads Shipping A s s o c i a t i o n , treasurer; Thomas P. Kelly, Philadelphia Maritime Trade Association, secretary, and John J. Orr, Rhode Island Shipping Association, assistant secretary.

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