Alvin Goodspeed Named General Sales Manager At GM-Detroit Diesel

Alvin B. Goodspeed, general director of export sales, automotive components for the General Motors Marketing Staff, has been named general sales manager of Detroit Diesel Allison Division, General Motors Corporation. He will have executive responsibility for the Division's sales and service operation, worldwide, according to Donald J. Atwood, DDA general manager and a GM vice president.

Mr. Goodspeed joined General Motors with the AC Spark Plug Division in 1952 in Milwaukee, Wis., as a contract coordinator. He subsequently held the positions of contracts manager, director of sales, and director of material at AC's Milwaukee Operations. In 1970, Mr. Goodspeed was named general sales manager for the newly formed Delco Electronics Division in Kokomo, Ind. He moved to GM Overseas Operations in 1973 as manager of sales coordination for the automotive components staff in Detroit. He has been general director of export sales for automotive components with the GM Marketing Staff since 1978.

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