Wilson W a l t o n Receives Two Contracts For Emergency Service

Wilson Walton International of Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland (UK), recently received two contracts to provide rapid emergency service to two ship operators.

The first contract, for a Norwegian customer, involved the replacement of a scrubber base tank, part of the ship's inert gas system, which has suffered damage through over heating.

Since the ship's inert gas system had been designed, built and installed by Wilson Walton, the company built a replacement base tank and rubber-lined it in just three weeks.

The second contract, for a U.S. customer, was to design, fabricate and ship two pressure vacuum breakers for two vessels in port in Italy. The contract also required the supply of complete installation drawings. The total contract took only 10 days to finish the one-ton units. Each pressure vacuum breaker had a 12,000 m;lhr. capacity and was approximately 7 "2 -feet high and 4.3 feet in diameter.

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