Satellite Communications

MTN Adds Flex To Communications In maritime satellite communications, continuous, uninterrupted service is paramount. In development at this time is a revolutionary stabilized antenna system that will simultaneously transmit on C and Ku band and in both linear and circular polarity. The big advantage for MTN customers with the new system is flexibility. Designated the 106M4S3, the system under development is a 2.7- m. stabilized satellite maritime system. The breakthrough technology deployed combines the ability to operate on two diverse frequencies that represent (but are not limited to) C and Ku satellite bands, and to transmit and receive signals that are modulated in both linear and circular polarity from the same compact antenna system. Antenna control, configuration, and mode selection are all quickly and efficiently handled from below deck. Dual system configurations are available for diverse antenna placement to eliminate satellite blockage. New Ops Center for Globe Wireless Globe Wireless has expanded operations with the addition of a new network operations center in Liverpool, U.K. The new center provides a mirrored site for the company's main operations center in Half Moon Bay, Calif.

INVSAT Captures First Cruise Contract Invsat Limited, a subsidiary of Inmarsat Holdings Ltd., has installed and commissioned a new 2.4 m C-Band marine communications antenna on The Aurora, P&O's new $350 million cruise liner. Aurora becomes the first cruise ship to be fitted with Invsat's new generation of marine stabilized systems.

Royal Navy Seeks SatCom Suppliers The U.K. MoD are in the closing stages of a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) tender, under the terms of which, the successful bidders will assume responsibility for all existing ship's satcom equipment and airtime requirements, and will provide a complete technology refresh to cover operational requirements for at least the next five years. Kelvin Hughes Limited are competing for this contract. They will provide the project management and the ongoing field support of the user equipment, on a global basis, supported by Stratos, who, as an Inmarsat LESO (Land Earth Station Operator), will be providing a comprehensive range of innovative airtime services, and Babcock Rosyth. who will be providing installation design and implementation services.

Globalstar Offers Internet Via Sat Phone Globalstar recently carried out test transmissions of Internet data through the Globalstar satellite network via Qualcomm's Globalstar tri-mode telephone. The service will be offered as a commercial product later this year. This Internet demonstration, conducted by Globalstar and its technology partner, Qualcomm, is touted as proving that the Globalstar system — which already provides voice communications from virtually any point on earth — will also be able to support data and Internet connectivity as part of its overall range of services.

The Globalstar system provides affordable satellite-based digital voice services to a broad range of subscribers. Globalstar meets the needs of cellular users as well as mobile subscribers outside cellular coverage, and residents without existing telephone service. GN Comtext, Stratos Expand Deal GN Comtext has enhanced its partnership with Stratos with the introduction of a new range of worldwide communication services, a range constituting a total package for the maritime industry under the Ocean -Connect brand. Stratos will focus on selling the portfolio to the Americas, while GN Comtext will serve the rest of the world through its network of offices in the world's leading maritime centers. Ocean-Connect brings together store-and-forward and real time, satellite and terrestrial services from a single supplier, enabling customers to benefit from a 'one-stop shop' for maritime communications and a single point of contact.

The new range of OCEAN-Connect services has now been extended to offer a complete range of realtime and storeand- forward mobile maritime communications services. OCEAN-Connect now offers a range of realtime services via Inmarsat through Stratos, serving Inmarsat A, B, C, M and mini-M users.

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